Thursday, November 27, 2008

vivienne westwood and melissa

For your own piece of London style at home...these are for you. To correct the heinous crime of rubber clogs known as Crocs, and to move forward from the oh-so-pedestrian Haviana, the Grande Dame of pommy fashion, Vivienne Westwood, and ingenious Brazillian shoe designers Melissa have collaborated to show us how it should have been done all along. No, you won't look like an overgrown toddler in these bubblegum scented peep toes. Be a true Betty and pick up a pair here...and don't forget to check out the previous designer collaborations Melissa has under their belt which helps explain the $175 price tag!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Sometimes clothes appeal to you on a hanger. They take your fancy, maybe raise one of your eyebrows. You might lift a silken sleeve or flip the swing tag over to check the price, to see if the elusive item can charm you into a purchase. Other clothes shout at you 'I've been waiting for you to come and find me! We were made for each other! Let's elope!' The second two dresses you see above said exactly those words to me in the basement level of Topshop at Oxford Circus. They now live happily ever after in my wardrobe. The label is Darimeya and their cute illustrated frocks will have you on a fashion honeymoon in no time at all.

Monday, November 24, 2008

beyond the valley

Catalogues are often ugly, floppy, stapled things you throw away. The thick, matt art stock, bold vector illustration and clever folding of the free catalogue you can pick up as you enter London haven Beyond the Valley was as good to me as getting a free book! 
Then you can get your wallet out for ceramics, fashion, jewellery, homewares, the gallery space, bags, books, wallpapers- all crammed into a little corner on Newburgh St, SoHo.

My favourite things were the Cole & Son Falcon mirrors pictured above, and the Robert Archard ceramic custard cream box (also above). Visit the online store for dozens more names in fashion and interiors.

rifle maker gallery, soho

Next time you find yourself wondering if you're losing the plot, also ask yourself if you are peering into the window of a little gallery in SoHo called the Rifelmaker. See above and example of me, losing my mind as I star at the wonders inside. Julie Verhoeven and Marta Marce were on display in the window! 

Searching the gallery  website I was amazed at the talent who has exhibited there- my favourite being New Yorker Jamie Shovlin- check out these amazing book covers he redesigned for Fontana Publishing's series from the 1970's called 'Modern Masters' which were exhibited at the Riflemaker.

back in the saddle

Wow! I'm back...and despite the wondrous trip I've had I still call my gorgeous Sydney home (even though Paris and Tuscany make a good close second!) The next 30 days at Love Illustrated are going to be packed with some serious design goodies! I'll do a week's worth of posts on each city/country and even when I've done that I've got lomo pics coming back from the lab and months and months worth of designers, shops and products to fuel this baby for a long time!!! First stop... LONDON!

LONDON FAVOURITES...Discovering SoHo, high tea at the Victoria and Albert Museum, eating chocolate coated strawberries from Godiva's, choosing a perfume at Penhalligans, pretending to be rich while perusing the luxe goods at Liberty and last but not least, being
 surprised by the sunshine! I WISH I'D... Bought that belt from Ollie & Nic and that bag from Dahlia in SoHo, but it was the first week and I was trying to show restraint for Paris!

First show and tell for you- DO Store, Regent St, Soho. Find modern design in this amazing 2 level store that you haven't seen every where else. Matali Crasset's Wonderland Mirror and table linen and cushions by AK-LH were faves of mine.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Help needed at the races

Well, the Spring Racing Carnival has finally come to an end here in Melbourne. Being new to the city I did loose track of all the significant days... Derby Day, Oaks Day, Ladies Day (or is that the same as Oaks Day?) I don't know! Where i come from its all about Melbourne Cup Day. If you are organised you don a pretty frock, a gorgeous hat and loose some money whilst drinking champagne. If you are like me you race into a TAB 15 minutes before the race starts, put a dollar each way on half the horses, race out again and ask a passer by which horse won half an hour later. I have never won any money! Anyway, without being to harsh about the carnival fashions I will just say that a lot of people failed to achieve the 'pretty dress' criteria of the organised group i mentioned above. As I watched tragic dresses trudge along the street I found myself wishing "if only I could add a little Yeojin Bae here". Yeojin Bae, for those of you who don't know, is an incredible Melbourne fashion designer whose waves both at home and internationally are getting pretty darn big. Since launching her label of feminine, gorgeous and elegant clothing 2 years ago Yeojin Bae is now stocked in Myer and several boutiques around the world. It is, however, her Prahran showroom above Chapel Street that is the best way to experience these clothes. This showroom is the only place that holds her entire collection and looking through it I know that Yeojin Bae will inspire passion in anyone that loves good design, especially great fashion design, though it will set you back a pretty penny. Click here to see for yourselves.