Sunday, August 31, 2008

first day of spring

Spring means... letting toes have their first 'peep' in new season shoes, folding away your mohair throw, raising your hemline several inches, turning off the heater responsible for those big power bills, investing in a good bottle of fake tan (or sav blanc) and treating yourself to a fresh bunch of spring flowers. Renowned photographer Nicky Ryan and super stylist Imogene Abady show you how to do it (well, the bit about flowers) in the shoot they did for Sept Home pretty you'll need something to ward the bees away from the pages!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sleep deprived?

I haven't done an all-nighter for work since I was a student (or if for some reason you call New Year's Eve 'work'), but I know someone who has been doing them for the last few weeks in the name of design and that's the lovely Elissa of Kelani Fabric Obsession. She's been toiling all hours of the day and night to bring you her new website, what I would call Australia's next online textile design hub, and one of the only places you can order designer fabrics including Amy Butler, Echino, Anna Maria Horner, Lara Cameron, Sprout, Trefle...the list goes on! She also specialises in beautiful Japanese fabrics too. Perhaps she should pick her favourite fabric, whip up a new set of bedlinen and take a long rest when she's processed all the orders she's been taking lately! Visit KFO here while it's still spring's hot little secret!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

changing seasons

While I'll be SO happy for the change in season next week from what seems like an endless winter into spring, I hate the endless wardrobe changes til the weather makes up its mind for sure. Is it acceptable to don a cardie while sporting your new gladiator sandals? Thankfully, the old transeasonal dilemmas are easier in the home- Just rotate a Maija Friebig artwork every three months. Like 'Fantasia' for adults, her prints and oil -on-wood art is the perfect way to change the colour and mood of a space in an instant...then just sit back and stare!

Monday, August 25, 2008

qwerty comeback

If the items in any given stationary cupboard were to compete in a beauty contest I can assure you the old bulldog clip would come last. While the market is saturated with pretty notebooks, textured papers, whimsically shaped erasers and pins, there has been little advancement for the ugly black bulldog clip. Luckily Bubbo Tubbo have turned once redundant typewriter keys being into something to give your documents a vintage and personal touch. They've also done a magnet board and both items with have the contents of your existing stationary cupboard making appointments for cosmetic surgery on the double!

tech probs

Sorry Dear Readers, once again, is refusing to upload pics. Will try again in the morning, I have some lovely stuff to show you!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

basket case

Things I recommend you carry in your leather Bill Amberg 'Labyrinth Basket': 1. A vintage copy of your favourite novel. 2. Missoni beach towel. 3. Kate Spade clutch (see post from 05.08.08).Things not recommended: 1. Ipod earphones (unless you find unravelling tangles a challenge akin to solving the Rubix Cube) 2. Low rate tabloid publications like Mx 3.Tupperware lunch container on it's way home from work.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

save the dominos

Since Dominos were made virtually obsolete by games like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Trouble, a team of creative specialists have been working hard to finding other uses for the humble Domino in order to save it from certain extinction. Apaloosa are leading the way with their illustrated Domino pendants. Never mind the your bit to help the cause of the Domino by donating here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

just golden

You know those older kids who were friends of your parents and they'd come over to your house and sort of 'run the show' when it came to playing games in the backyard? One of them told me if I buried the little gold necklace I got for Christmas, it would grow into a tree of gold by my birthday. When I heard dad mowing a few days later I couldn't resist rescuing it from it's rather shallow grave. Maybe I should have left it there and it might have mutated into a gold hard drive which I really need right now. 500 glistening gigabytes for just $199! Visit LaCie.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

flat pack therapy

My last 'flat pack' experience involved 2 hours of hammering a little set of Ikea desktop draws together while trying to remind myself that it only cost twenty dollars and that the missing nail they forgot to put in the packet wasn't really a cruel joke some bored warehouse boy in Sweden was playing on me! I vowed never to 'flat pack' again until I discovered the French 'Studio Lo' who use industrial offcuts of felt and wood etc to create simple, nail-less designs to house pretty birds in comfort or something designer to put your derrierre on. Post to a loved one overseas no, buy from Lola et Moi or visit Studio Lo

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

put it on paper

Cinderella's wedding gown was made by singing forest animals and fairy godmothers- the story book equivalent of Vera Wang. If you can't afford a Vera Wang dress, or you haven't yet found Prince Charming, at least treat yourself to her Fine Papers collection. Laser cut and classy. Get it here.

draw card

If Alice were to return to Wonderland when she grew up I think she'd find this set of draws in her boudoir.
And when the white rabbit called out from the living room, 'Where's my missing red sock?', she'd be able to call back 'third draw down, second row on the right side of the dresser' like any other modern woman. Visit Boca Do Lobo here.

Monday, August 11, 2008

chic little friend

We all have a friend who is effortlessly chic. Mine is a girl called Xanthe who actually looks better without makeup, has effortlessly Kate Moss-esque hair only blonder, big sunglasses and always looks a little bit French. People who meet her might be tempted to go home and 'try her look' but her close friends know it can't be done. Personal chic cannot be duplicated. I mention her because i met her in one of those nameless little side alley cafes today as I was trying to visit some of the chic shops in Home Beautiful's Style Hunter book which came out today with the September issue and which is illustrated by yours truly. Xanthe doesn't need this book but I can highly recommend it for the rest of us who need guidance in where to shop across the country in the secret spots for style on our quest for a little more chic. It's like carrying Xanthe around in your pocket. On sale now.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

down the rabbit hole

Alice followed a little white rabbit down a hole and had a lovely adventure. Now you can find out what happens if you follow a little black rabbit down a's certainly just as good!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hello Hamptons

It's time to destress with some meditation after a long week. Close your eyes, imagine your favourite design is having 50% off her handbags. Take a sip of your peach martini and open your's true!
My pick from Kate Spade's hand bag sale is this gorgeous wicker clutch that calls 'Hello Hamptons'. I shall pair it with a flimsy summer dress, bare feet and that peach martini under some palm trees.

Nutritional Information, i mean Inspiration

I used to love emptying a packet of Cheese Supreme Doritos into a casserol dish, tipping a jar of salsa on top along with half a block of grated cheese and baking it into a weekend afternoon delight, but now I know better. Popping a whimsical Lucy Folk necklace on is much more flattering to the figure.

deadly ponies

Did you know that a mustang is a wild pony? That means my Dad's 1969 V8 Ford Mustang is a deadly pony. My husband wearing a rubber horse head to his work christmas party is another example of a deadly pony.Third on the list are these sexy kiwi handbags, complete with mysterious and quirky website. Saddle up people, the days of pastel coloured miniature horses with rainbows on their butts and hair borrowed from Barbie are over. Visit Deadly Ponies here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Technical Problems

Apologies friends! Love Illustrated is experiencing techincal difficulties. I promise a double of dose of design goodness as soon as it's sorted, hopefully within 24 hours. 

Sunday, August 3, 2008

weekend decorating

Usually the best thing you can hope to find on the side of the road is a half eaten kebab. But I got lucky. My husband found this little gem on the side of the road in Newtown and brought it home to my great delight. You might think it looks like something that belongs in a nursing home in Florida, but I fancy it may have originated from the sea side home of a romance novelist in the 1950's. Hmmm. I for one count it as the most fabulous road side find around!
Mood boards.Not so much refelection of the mood you're on, but a wall mounted scrapbook of inspiration and general showing off. I updated mine on the weekend and would love love to see yours...send them to me because I'd love love love to do a post on delicious inspiration boards from fellow artistes!