Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some hope for a sweet tooth

Well now it is my turn to send you a postcard from london and I couldn't think of anything more fitting than a moment of escapism from grim financial crisis and plummeting temperatures. The escape is a little sweet shop tucked off the main drag of Covent Garden called Hope and Greenwood. Stepping inside this little red shop is like walking into a fantasy world of the 1950's. Packed to the rafters with old fashioned lollies there really is something for everyone here. Pick up a box of rose and violet cream chocolates for tea with your grandma, or maybe oodles of strawberry cream fudge for a girls' night in, then again maybe it should just be a stick of great british rock to nibble on as you float out door past the theatres of Drury lane. I promise you'll feel just like Doris Day. Click here to visit their website.

1 comment:

Bree said...

how awesome do those sweets look!
just saw your illustrations in this months Home Beautiful.
had a little rush when could say that i 'know' the illustrator!