Wednesday, December 2, 2009

things to do while waiting to go into labour...

At 4 days overdue I'm proud to say I still haven't given in to watching daytime television.
On my first day of maternity leave I tried it for 10 mins only to be bored by infomercials selling ladders that are 'easy for women to use' (excuse me?) and Brazilian dance dvds that profess to help you lose that waistline. Instead I have turned to long neglected creative projects, like setting up my new office which is a handy bench-style desk built by my brother in law and an ikea shelf, both mounted in a corner of the living room. Complete with a Glasshouse candle and Pantone mug full of paintbrushes I'm ready to draw something. With just one linen curtain from Freedom and a staple gun I was able to cover my old cork pinboard, a project in Dec issue of Home Beautiful, as well as recover the seats of our dining chairs. I am missing the girls from work so I pinched some hydrangea from the back of our unit block- someone always has a lovely bunch of these on their desk from the local florist.
Stay tuned!