Monday, July 7, 2008

Designer's Guild loves Laduree

What a tease...flaunting French goodies in front of your eyes that you can't get without a plane ticket in hand! You'll just have to imagine you're in Paris, there's a summer afternoon drizzle, but you happen to have a flouncy parasol handy. It seems just about time for royal tea and the only macaroons really worth eating in all the it's off to the Laduree Tea Salon, around the corner at 16 Rue Royal, Paris. The sweet meringue collapses into the cream filling on your are like Marie Antoinette (the cool, Sofia Coppola version) and before you wake up, you reach to snatch a souvenir- of all the pretty vintage gift boxes there is only one choice on this trip, the new Designer's Guild box, whose designer, Trisha Guild, has translated her wallpaper design skills for this decadent cause. Bon Apetit!

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