Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my beautiful tea towel

When Mum drove us up the North Coast for holidays in the 80's, there was a part of the Pacific Highway she dreaded called Bulahdelah Forest. Dark with tall Eucalypts and very windy roads, we would reach this stretch of road when Mum was getting tired of driving and she would ask us to all sing a song to keep her awake. She made it up in her true random style by looking at something in the car to inspire her and taught us the words. It was about a tea towel and the melody was something akin to such ditties as  'chitty chitty bang bang' or 'Step in Time' from Mary Poppins in it's cheery repetitiveness and even lent itself to us singing rounds for the next hour. Sadly that part of the bush is now bypassed, but look Mum, there are some gorgeous new towels to sing about from Lovely Lovely on your next road trip. Lyrics to 'My Beautiful Tea Towel': My Beautiful tea towel! My beautiful tea towel!I love my faithful tea towel faithfully! oh faithfully! repeat (x10)

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