Monday, August 11, 2008

chic little friend

We all have a friend who is effortlessly chic. Mine is a girl called Xanthe who actually looks better without makeup, has effortlessly Kate Moss-esque hair only blonder, big sunglasses and always looks a little bit French. People who meet her might be tempted to go home and 'try her look' but her close friends know it can't be done. Personal chic cannot be duplicated. I mention her because i met her in one of those nameless little side alley cafes today as I was trying to visit some of the chic shops in Home Beautiful's Style Hunter book which came out today with the September issue and which is illustrated by yours truly. Xanthe doesn't need this book but I can highly recommend it for the rest of us who need guidance in where to shop across the country in the secret spots for style on our quest for a little more chic. It's like carrying Xanthe around in your pocket. On sale now.

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