Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sleep deprived?

I haven't done an all-nighter for work since I was a student (or if for some reason you call New Year's Eve 'work'), but I know someone who has been doing them for the last few weeks in the name of design and that's the lovely Elissa of Kelani Fabric Obsession. She's been toiling all hours of the day and night to bring you her new website, what I would call Australia's next online textile design hub, and one of the only places you can order designer fabrics including Amy Butler, Echino, Anna Maria Horner, Lara Cameron, Sprout, Trefle...the list goes on! She also specialises in beautiful Japanese fabrics too. Perhaps she should pick her favourite fabric, whip up a new set of bedlinen and take a long rest when she's processed all the orders she's been taking lately! Visit KFO here while it's still spring's hot little secret!

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