Sunday, January 11, 2009

half a cup of tea, anyone?

Ah, January...early morning swims before work, prawns dipped in aoili for dinner, renewed creative energies and slowly getting 'back into the swing of things'. Forgive me for getting very lax on the 'daily' part of this blog. The posts will be coming in thick and fast very soon, just winding back up like a little cuckoo clock. Some exciting news- Xanthe is off to Paris next week indefinitely so we'll be getting a good regular taste of our fave city!'s little find. It seems someone out there is able to produce something beautiful and intricate using a scalpel and paper without hurting themselves...i still have a lovely scar on my right thigh from trying to build a paper model on my bed in the first year of uni ten years ago, so, suffice to say, I am in awe of halfacupoftea's creations. Just don't attempt to do this at home!

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