Thursday, January 1, 2009

italy- Martino Gamper

ITALIAN FAVOURITES: The smell and touch of buttery leather handbags in Florence, the taste of seafood marinara in the Cinque Terre after 6 hours of trekking the misty coastline, the train ride through Verona which brought to mind Romeo & Juliet as we witnessed a very old couple reunite with a kiss at the station, and learning to order a good cappuccino in Rome by simply adding the word 'Dopplio!' (Double shot!) I WISH I'D: Well, been born in Tuscany.

Now, may I ask, what have you made today? Me, personally, I made scrambled eggs with rocket and parmesan for breakfast...and my bed, 
I made that too. Well it is summer holidays after all. Still makes me feel lazy when compared to the efforts of genius Italian designer Martino
 Gamper, who made 100 chairs in 100 days...all incredibly made from other old chairs (including some designer icons!) and this is just one of his countless projects which have redefined those overused terms like 'vintage', 'reuse & recycle' for me and given them fresh meaning. I met Martino by chance on a train from Milan to Venice...he had a gorgeous tan leather bag and moleskin diary that gave away his identity as an in-demand designer and we got talking...with his tips we had an amazing time in Venice and Florence filled with many gorgeous design finds (see posts to come). Visit his site here and spend hours on there as I did...and most importantly buy the dazzling book! I think my favourite commission of his is this Berlino Bench. Not to travellers - DO talk to never know who you might meet!

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