Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This post is way overdue, a discovery I made whilst in Melbourne and one that makes me very proud of our aussie designers from my vantage point in London. Arns
dorf. In my opinion this label epitomises cool, not the sort of cool that compels boys to wear their trousers too low or the cool of  girls wearing vintage that should have been buried with their grandmas. Arnsdorf is sophistication. Simple lines, controlled palette but oh so edgy. The minimalism that is offered by the hugely talented designer Jade Sarita Arnott, is the kind that takes the best of modernism and fast forwards it right into the present. There is not an ill conceived piece in the entire collection, which, by the way, is called I think we could do great things 08/09. Clothes that would normally take balls to wear, like the often gimmicky jumpsuit, manifests itself here as a beautiful relaxed piece, oozing understated style.  I have pinched some of my favourite images of the Arnsdorf collection from their website. But to see the whole thing click here. I think I could do great things in these clothes, don't you?

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