Tuesday, March 3, 2009

baker's delight

My lemonade scones are 'famous'...or so I thought, until I started sharing the recipe. Now add 'in' to 'famous'. For some reason they only work for me, but my obviously mis-measured instructions to friends (which I have passed on at many a bridal or baby shower...I shudder to think how many!) leave them with a pile of goop that no amount of King Island cream and raspberry jam can save. I'd like to imagine them being served to their other friends on these Whitney Smith cake stands, as they coo 'oh my, where did you get the recipe for these darlings?'
However, no scone of mine is worthy of these homespun-on-a-studio-pottery-wheel creations.
To my dear friend Crystal, my most recent 'victim' and the baking queen of my life...I'm dreadfully sorry, love!

1 comment:

Bree said...

those bakers stands are magnificent! seems a shame to eat something off them anyway!