Thursday, December 18, 2008

Barcelona- modern moments at Vincon

I know the current trend at the moment is hand made layers of love by talented crafts people, but not everyone can appreciate a doily the way they can a Kartell coffee table. I have a friend,Rosy, who unashamedly decked out her bub's new nursery with bold, bright and modern pieces from Top 3 Design, and she was the first person I thought of when I happened upon VINCON in Barcelona. VINCON gives IKEA some tough competition by taking the 'design supermarket' concept to a whole new level- same idea, but everything is an internationally recognised design piece...they even sell Aussie Charles Wilson's famous candelabra there, and the Aalto vase. Here are my top modern finds at VINCON, top to bottom: FLUM light and it's packaging, CORALLE children's toy, NOVOTAT firewood bag, PANTONE coloured notebooks, helmet cover and VINCON brand 2009 diary.
The thing I love best about it is that the terrace where outdoor furniture is on display gives you a very good, cheeky view into the neighbours' place- Gaudi's famous Casa MIla! So very Barcelona to have old and new and design all cohabiting happily.

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