Monday, September 29, 2008

MOST beatiful book in the world

This is hands down (with polished fingers of course) the most beautiful, perfect art & style book for ladees ever created.Reading it feels like someone lovingly crafted it especially for you. The humour is witty, the advice tongue -in -cheek, the illustrations DEVINE. Turning it's pages is like being transported into a happy, beautiful dream, especially if you have trouble getting dressed in the morning! If I sound like I'm gushing you're wrong- I'm actually playing it down! And it's oh-so-nice to see a book come after it's website instead of the other way around, to show us all that hard cover, cloth bound, art paper stock books are still beloved! And a quick shout out to my darling friend Kat who worships Michi Girl and is having her birthday today on it's first day of sale. Go and harrass a bookstore owner today or click here to buy Michi Girl's As If I Give a Frock on line.

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