Monday, September 8, 2008

oh no they didn't....

...but oh, yes, they did! Just as I purchase two plane tickets to London after 18 months of saving where I skimped on everything from home improvements to takeaway food, they go and load the whole Portobello Markets online! It's a great idea, and of course I'll still go and compare it to the real thing, but here are my picks from the ill-timed but still fabulous website, Now you can visit London in your lunch break!
1.Sido neck scruff, 26 pounds, 2. Belle du Jour vintage earrings, 12 pounds, 3. Orion brown stitched croc belt, 25 pounds , 4. Dahlia gold leather petal shoes, 77 pounds, 5. Jovanna frilled 'cameron' dress, 69 pounds

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