Monday, September 15, 2008

treehouse fun

Today I bring you the first installment of my new 'profile' style posts of amazing creative people I know who you might like to meet. First off is Glen Allsop, photographer/muscian/humourist. If you lived in a treehouse near the beach, possessed a new Canon 5D and had a gorgeous architect wife as a muse (stay tuned, we'll meet her later!), you'd be an inspired photographer too!
 Visit Glen today at

How would you describe what you do as an 'artiste'? i have a re-occurring tendency to capture moments both musically and through a lens. 

 Glen, you are one of those all round creative people...does your music influence your photography or the other way round? I would say so - when I write tunes i am essentially threading together some kind of theme / atmosphere / idea and similiarly when i shoot i'll be trying to maintain a reasonably consistent theme / atmosphere / idea whether its a wedding, fashion shoot or anything else. So in that sense, i would say they influence each other. At the end of the day I am me and 'me' is not just a muso and not just a photographer either... so perhaps the outcome is a piece of me influenced by all things creative, people included!    

If a glossy travel mag sent you away to shoot on location anywhere in the world, where would you go? At the moment I'd just want to go anywhere WARM!!! I'd love to shoot Croatia or the Amalfi Coast... Are you going to back up that question with an airfare??!!  

Describe your studio space in 3 words. AMONGST-THE-TREES  =)

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