Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Barcelona- La Comercial- New Lladro

On Placa Comercial in the trendy area of El Born, is design store La Comercial. Stocked with everything must-have in the world of design, they are also very proud of Spanish design exports including none other than Lladro- only the cool modern stuff from their collection though! Forget the old fashioned figurines of twirling peasants mid-village-dance...I was blown away by their new porcelain candles (Mediterranean Beach was my favourite scent) and the Magic Forest Ring I want more than anything else in the world-  (who needs diamonds when you can have a ceramic bird perched on your finger?), which you'll be happy to know is available this christmas at selected Myer stores for $200, or online here


Bree said...

the bird is rather beautiful, not sure about putting it on my finger tho!

taramichele said...

Hi Bree...maybe just for special occasions though! A nice talking point at a dinner party?