Monday, December 1, 2008

paris- pylones

PARIS FAVOURITES: I think I may have been a little distracted in Paris on the design front by the food and wine front. The cobblestone streets, fabulous skinny boots, mastering the metro, the unforgettable taste of Laduree's hot chocolate and pretending to be Amelie while wandering the steep streets of MonMartre in search of the perfect olive baguette (which we found of course!) had me swooning.
I wish I'd...packed warmer, and not given up on finding the Luxembourg gardens (but my feet were CRYING i tell you!)

Cute design shop: Pylones. These bright and bubbly shops are sprinkled throughout Paris and are the perfect place to pick up something modern and fun for the home, such as an Eiffel Tower shaped cheese grater, ceramic espresso cups that look like crumpled paper, or a wind up toy for someone little. While not what you would describe as distinctly French, Pylones is still all class, with an unexpected splash of colour and a modern twist. A souvenir from here means you can be spared those horrible shops that sell tote bags with the word Paris repeated all over them in Comic Sans font...ew!


Bree said...

oh no now i WANT an eiffel tower shaped cheese grater. isn't paris the best!!!!

AnastasiaC said...

i adore Paris - cant wait to visit again...the food is amazing isnt it? they really enjoy their that! what a cool little shop - so bright and happy!

Carla said...

Oh my god, that store is in front of my apartment. It is full of mad colourful stuff. I love the eiffel tower grater. Carla x

Anonymous said...

i'm LOVING your posts - i want to go back, but with 3 kids in toe it just wouldn't be the same. thanks to you i can go on my own little tour while they sleep! merci