Wednesday, December 3, 2008

paris-get lost with louis vuitton

They say men don't ask for directions and women can't read maps. Add to this the fact that Paris doesn't have parallel streets but lots of angles and little alleyways that look like 'short cuts'. We were determined to fit in and be mistaken for real Parisiennes (see above for the look i was after!)...alas the combination of above factors meant we were always 'pulling over' in front of a lit shop window to pull out our enormous, betraying tourist map. It was actually while we were lost in St Germain that we stumbled on another gorgeous book shop selling the new 2009 edition of Louis Vuitton city guides. Small, designer, and full of maps and tips for the flailing traveller...can someone send me the box set please!!! So if you can't afford the LV luggage, these will at least have you jet set in every other regard, wherever you are going...just about every city is available here.

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