Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Catch the Obus

You want to go somewhere a little folksy? Somewhere cool and interesting with a touch of nostalgia, but you also want to be comfy and relaxed. So what do you do? Jump on the obus. I was poking around Melbourne's great lane ways when I discovered this great label. Totally Melbourne designed and made, obus somehow makes the improbable wearable. Now, I love to wear interesting clothes and I love to have eye catching and different clothes in my wardrobe, I I like to be noticed but I really hate to stand out. I am not an attention seeker and my clothes have to be easy to wear (mainly because I throw them on in a delirious morning haze without the benefits of a good strong coffee). Obus can deliver all of these things... and they stock a healthy range of Melissa rubber shoes to top it off! 

1 comment:

Tamara said...

I so understand what you are talking about..the not wanting to stand out but not blend in with the rest of the crowd as well....I love these pics, will be checking them out, that dress is amazing.