Thursday, October 30, 2008

chinny chin chin

Not since my ex accidentally gave a christmas card to our friends at their wedding have I laughed to heartily at the inappropriate well, maybe when my friend Serena walked into a telegraph pole... or when she tripped over a blind man's stick. Ok, so i think that I have made my point, I have a fairly black sense of humour all round. Now, with Chinny chin chin's fantastic Cheapskate Cards I can subject my humour on all my nearest and dearest. I really warm to their tag line "When love is too strong a word, show them how you really care with these not-so-gushing greeting cards." This great design team also create other fabulous things like the pre doodled note book, littered with doodles from some amazing artists, incase you think your own doodles aren't up to scratch and it comes complete with a coffee cup stain on the cover. I am now Chinny chin chin's greatest fan and am stocking up for christmas right now! Click here to do the same.


Little Jane St said...

These cards are hilarious! Love them!

Bree said...

that's fantastic! and i think your sense of humour is perfectly normal! :)