Sunday, October 19, 2008

for boys with good taste

Aika jeans have really got it sussed, so sussed that I have a love hate relationship with the brand. On the one hand they make me go gooey at the knees .... raw selveged denim, timeless style, impeccable craftmanship and all the jeans, pants, t shirts and shirts look great on. They really have embodied the je ne sais quoi of Japanese design and really shunned the fickle nature of trends, Aika jeans are a life time love affair. Then there is hate. The hate bubbles to the surface every time a set foot in their Sydney flagship store and oasis on Oxford St, Paddington. Hate threatens to take over again when I parouse their awsome website... why? Because it is menswear, and however much I enjoy shopping for others it will never totally satisfy me. I want it for myself! Sorry, that is the only child coming out in me, oops. Anyway, check it out here and see if you aren't also seduced by Aika.

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