Sunday, October 19, 2008

profile: saffron craig

If you think the world is a better place when sprinkled with hand printed illustrations of owls, then today is your lucky day, because you're going to meet fabric designer extrordinaire, Saffron Craig. One of my favourite things about what she and husband Patrick create together, is that you have the choice of buying their gorgeous fabrics to fashion your own homewares, or if you're prone to having an anxiety attack at the site of a sewing machine like me, there's plenty of goodies they've prepared earlier that you can buy online here or here. Nothing makes me happier than seeing design practitioners go out on their own and be successful with products made with love in a real how does she do it?

Q.Describe your studio in 3 words...leafy, haven, changing
Q.What is the best and worst part about working creatively with your spouse? ... BEST: The creative contribution. He has great eye which I totally trust, he will always always find the solutions to a challenge, he is very calm and centered. WORST PART: We get so involved with the business our daughter has to fight for our attention.

Q.What was your first creative job and roughly how did it lead you to where you are now as an independent practitioner?... After completing and honors degree form Rmit I travelled overseas non stop through europe and the middle East and on returning did not find any creative jobs working for a few years retail was the easiest work for me to find, probably Nicola finetti was the most creative though not really. I started my own label with the support of friends who loved my clothing and wore them and asked for more, so that is what  led me to being an independent practitioner. I use to hand paint silk dresses and wanted to design fabrics so that is where I am now.

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what a darling purse! love it!